Basic Beauty Aesthetics

The Aesthetic Center Sol Interior offers a complete bouquet of basic aesthetic treatments for the body, face, hands, feet, epilation and much more. We invite you to visit the related pages to learn in detail how we do our work and inform you about slimming treatments and wellness treatments offered by our beauty center. Our almost 20-year experience in Italy and Spain has given us the opportunity to be constantly evolving and to update ourselves on the news in every part of the world, with the professionalism that distinguishes us. The philosophy of our Aesthetic Center is based on the precise meaning of the word “aesthetics” that represents the philosophical discipline that deals with the senses, the beautiful “natural and artistic” and is the natural term that influences our way of working.

Facial Beauty Treatments

Treatments based on innovative techniques and high quality products. To treat blemishes, relax and regenerate the skin, to reactivate circulation and to flesh out. Face Basic Cleaning is effective in removing the impurities that are deposited on the face day after day, is necessary to maintain proper skin function and prepare the skin to prevent or mitigate widespread blemishes. Radiofrequency has the effect of a real “bloodless” lifting and allows to obtain, in a short time, the damage, tone the skin and restore elasticity and shine. Microdermabrasion is an aesthetic treatment used to counteract various types of imperfections, such as wrinkles, skin spots, stretch marks and scars. The purpose is to remove the most superficial layers of the skin, smoothing it and making it smoother and more compact.

Body Beauty Treatments

We offer our clients a series of body treatments that improve the general well-being and beauty of the individual. The body peeling is an exfoliating treatment that smoothes the epidermis by removing dead cells on the surface and thus allowing a better absorption of the active ingredients, nourishing, firming and restructuring that mitigate the imperfections of the skin. Radiofrequency has a great vascularization effect and allows excellent results on accumulations caused by water retention. The pressure therapy stimulates and increases the elimination of the stagnation of liquids and toxins in the intercellular spaces of the tissues, responsible for swelling of the legs and ankles, cellulitis etc. It is considered a valid support in all cases where lymphatic drainage is recommended and, consequently, to treat: cellulite in different stages, tired leg syndrome, localized fat deposits, localized and widespread edema. It can also improve: venous-lymphatic circulation, skin tone, metabolism.


Discover our massages, a wide range of specialized treatments await you to take care of yourself. The relaxation massage is the classic traditional massage that combines a whole series of factors: specific ointments with natural fragrances typical of essential oils; the right atmosphere created with special lights; relaxing sounds and music; environment with suitable perfumes. Hot stone massage is an extraordinarily relaxing, detoxifying and draining ritual. the pleasant effectiveness of the massage with stones of volcanic origin, gives tone, elasticity and a profound well-being with essential oils. The decontracting massage is a massage that dissolves tensions and contractures and is considered a real wellbeing treatment for those with muscular pain located in specific districts as a result of incorrect postures, inadequate physical efforts, car accidents or at work, causes organic, emotional, food disorder or fatigue.The massage with bamboo is ideal for those who want to fight water retention, cellulite and stretch marks. It is carried out through a manipulation with wooden barrels, a massage with bamboo that stimulates the subcutaneous tissue in a deep way, to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste, reactivate the circulation and the presence of oxygen, thus curing imperfections such as water retention, stretch marks and cellulite.

Treatments based on alpha and polyhydroxy acids

We use treatments based on acid, mandelic, glycolic or other products from fruit acids with high exfoliating power to counteract the imperfections associated with acne, dyschromia and wrinkles. Treatment of dermo abrasion and filler treatment.

Laser DIODE 808nm

Effective and permanent, the diode 808nm laser follows the principle of selective photothermolysis: this means that the results we have talked about can be obtained thanks to the fact that the light energy emitted by the laser instrument is captured by the melanin and transformed into heat, acting selectively on the hair bulb. Compared to other treatments, therefore, this is also more effective as it does not disperse its energy on the surrounding tissues but only selects the hair bulb, and this is certainly good for the health of the skin, which is not affected in any way from this treatment. Thanks to selective photothermolysis, therefore, the Laser diode 808nm treatment is suitable for all skin types, even dark fur, but is not suitable for people who wear a white, red, or blond hair stock. Treatment is simple, fast. Remembering that the treatment can also be customizing on the basis of some parameters that could change times, methods and duration.


We use treatments based on acid, mandelic, glycolic or other products from fruit acids with high exfoliating power to counteract the imperfections associated with acne, dyschromia and wrinkles. Treatment of dermo abrasion and filler treatment.